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Douglas Gold Series Charger
Legacy Power Systems  
The Legacy Power System™ Gold Series Charger combines a power supply tailored specifically for today's advanced lead-acid batteries with a highly responsive state of charge sensor. The result is exceptional operation for maximized battery efficiency.
Douglas Gold Series Charger

The Legacy™ Gold Series Charger takes full advantage of low resistance grid castings by supplying more current during most efficient time of the charge cycle - when the battery temperature is at its lowest point. Along with a sound power supply foundation, the ability and accuracy of the state of charge sensor is maximized. The Gold Series Charger uses proven state of charge algorithm methods for reliable and precise charge termination.

You'll notice lower energy costs since charging is accurately terminated. At the same time, overcharging is eliminated, gassing reduced, battery temperature is minimized and the plate-aging process is slowed. Together, these benefits produce tremendous positive effects on performance and productivity.

The Legacy Gold Series Charger reduces operating costs. The Legacy's power supply reduces the excessive gassing effect typically seen with other chargers - less gassing means longer intervals between battery waterings. Accurate charging helps to reduce battery cleaning, and that's safer and cleaner for the environment and your business. The Legacy Gold Series Charger provides a hand-held program module that allows you to customize operational control of the charger. It's easier to manage your battery and charger through proper equalization cycle; reduced kilowatt usage with delay start; and manage batteries most effectively with the new cool-down cycle.

Charge battery accurately to its fullest charge potential

  • Tailored charge profile insures best electrical to chemical conversion
  • State of charge sensor terminates charge cycle with precision

Charger RemoteHand-held remote program module

  • Programmable delay start
  • Programmable equalize
  • Programmable cool down
  • Programmable display data
  • Can be used as remote-mounted operation unit

Cool charge technique

  • Cool equalize feature refreshes battery at lowest temperature

Battery and charger diagnostics

  • Tracks battery performance
  • Informs operator of error conditions

Numeric display

  • Output current
  • Battery charging faults
  • Delay start
  • Equalize
  • Cool down
  • Ampere hours returned
  • Battery volts per cell
  • Recharge time
The start rate or beginning of the charge cycle is at its most efficient stage. The majority of current should be returned at this point to insure battery temperature control. The Legacy Gold Series Charger supplies more current during this optimum time of the charge cycle - when battery temperature is at its lowest point.
Charger Finish Characterisitic - Effects of Low Finish Rate
The finish rate of the charger is the secret to the success of the charge control. The charging current must be sufficient to allow the battery voltage to rise to an unconstrained level. The Legacy Gold Series Charger provides charging accuracy well above industry standards with a precisely matched power supply and state of charge control.

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