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MAC Chargers


For Use With Flooded Deep
Cycle Lead Acid Battery
ET Portable Charger
  • Auto Start/Stop  

  • Electronic backup timer

  • Simple operation

  • Power-On-LED

  • DC Ammeter

  • Reverse polarity protection

  • AC input circuit breaker

  • Efficient ferroresonant transformer

  • Regulated output

  • Silicon diodes

  • Convection-cooled

  • UL/CUL * except as noted

The MAC ET series of battery chargers were designed for flooded lead acid batteries used in demanding deep cycle applications for personnel carriers, man lifts, golf carts, floor care equipment and other DC powered vehicles. Its overall simplicity, method of operation and trouble-free performance makes the ET charger attractive to every type of equipment user. To operate after the charger is connected to the battery, the user simply plugs in the AC cord to activate the unit. The charger not only immediately starts charging the battery, but also monitors the battery condition determining the proper charge requirements and automatically tapers the charge rate to provide a proper finish to maximize battery life. DC disconnect is not required to rest circuit.

  • Auto Start/Stop control with (1) Power-On LED:
          The ET control will automatically start the charging process after the charger is connected to the battery and AC receptacle. The control monitors battery state of charge and determines when to terminate the charge.
  • Charge Indicator:
          Analog DC ammeter
  • DC Output:
    12V - 10 to 50A, 24V - 10 to 40A, 36V - 10 to 30A, 48V - 10 to 20A.
  • AC Supply:
          120 V AC, 60 HZ, Single phase
  • Connections:
          AC - 8ft cord with 3 - wire grounded plug
          DC - 7ft DC output cord - DC plugs available at extra cost
  • Fuses:
          Input - manual reset breaker.
          Output - Fuse or braker.
  • Battery Chemistry:
          Designed for flooded deep cycle lead acid batteries
  • Charger Dimensions:
Case S3 T3 P3
Width 9.0" 8.4" 9.4"
Depth 6.4" 10.6" 14.5"
Height 7.9" 10.6" 12.4" with handle





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