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AUTOMAC 2200Microprocessor charge control with digital and membrane keypad is your best choice for an automatic charge control. Setting a new standard for ease of use and technological superiority, the AUTOMAC 2300 provides the most sought after features in automatic control circuits.

Digital display of DC Amps, DC Volts, Elapsed Time of Charge and Total Ampere Hours returned combined with programmable delay start and equalize will keep you on top of your charging operation. All these features are accessible through MAC's unique membrane keypad.

The high-tech membrane keypad is easy to use. Simply depress the red display select square and the digital readout displays either DC Amps, DC Volts, Elapsed Time of Charge or Total Ampere Hours returned. Choose programmable functions such as delay start and equalize by depressing the appropriate square. An indicator in the digital display will light next to the programmed option showing your selection. The digital display and easy to use keypad puts sophisticated control and diagnostic information at your finger tips.


  • Membrane Keypad - convenient operator interface for programming and status information
  • Digital Readout - DC Amps, DC Volts, Elapsed Time of Charge and Total Ampere-hours returned
  • Delay Start - saves utility demand costs and extends battery life
  • Equalize - optional programmed function extends normal charge
  • Auto Start/Stop - eliminates potential operator error
  • DV/DT control - activated from beginning of charge not a specific voltage point
  • Lengthened Battery Life - increase life and performance with perfect charge termination
  • Reduce Maintenance - lowers water consumption
  • Fail-safe Protection - internal automatic backup timer
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