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AUTOMAC 2200Microprocessor dv/dt charge control transforms ordinary chargers into "smart" chargers. Computer logic circuitry determines when a battery is fully charged and terminated the charge cycle. Batteries are completely charged all the time - no overcharging or undercharging. The 2200 is designed to extend battery life and reduce operation costs.

Lower energy consumption is achieved by operating the charger only as long as necessary to properly charge the batteries. The 2200 automatically adjusts recharge time by continuously sensing the rate of voltage increase of the battery.

Proper charging reduces maintenance costs. Excessive gassing increases water consumption. The 2200 reduces the length of time a battery gases by supplying only the exact amount of energy to properly charge a battery.

The 2200 saves replacement costs, Maximum battery life is achieved by never overcharging or undercharging. Older batteries are never overcharged. The automatic circuit prolongs battery life regardless of age or condition.


  • dv/dt microprocessor control cit cut - State of the art microprocessor monitors battery condition and automatically determines when to shut the charger off.
  • Auto start/stop - AUTOMAC 2200 starts automatically after connecting charger to the battery. Eliminates potential operator error. No timers to set or buttons to push. Charger automatically stops after battery receives proper charge.
  • Fail-safe protection - Internal backup timer terminates charge cycle in the event of abnormal conditions prevent normal charger shut-down. Red Abnormal Cycle Charge Status light will illuminate to indicate above condition.
  • AC Interrupt Protection - In the event of an AC power interruption the charger automatically restarts upon resumption of AC power.
  • Status Indicator Lights - Provides important operating information on both charger and battery throughout the charge cycle.
  • Energy Savings - Significant reduction in the cost required to charge a battery are made possible by the AUTOMAC 2200. This is especially true with partially discharged batteries. Instead of running for a fixed period of time AUTOMAC 2200 terminates the charge cycle when the batteries are full.
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