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   Single-Point Watering System

Legacy Power Systems  

In less than two minutes, you can use the industry's finest single-point watering system to efficiently water batteries with precise accuracy.

Douglas Legacy High Performance Battery

Fast, accurate battery watering comes on line with the Legacy Power System™ Single-Point Watering option. Whether you feed by a pressure or a gravity method, this system provides a quick connection of purified water after charging. It reduces your watering costs, cuts maintenance time and exends battery life.

Watering SystemThe Legacy™ Single-Point Watering System is convenient, safe and accurate. No more wrestling with vent caps, and no more overfilling or underfilling. The watering cap never has to be removed to check water level or to take specific gravity readings. Plus, there is no need to pull a battery from a truck just to add water.

pressure reducerThe most important innovation is the introduction of seperate chambers for water and gas movement. This quality-engineered feature incorporates all mechanical parts on the watering side, so they can't be reached by rising gases or possible impurities.

This unique design helps to keep mechanical parts clean for longer, trouble-free life.

Fast, accurate watering

  • Saves watering time
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Insures proper water levels

Legacy Single-Point Watering SystemHydrometer port

  • Allows specific gravity checks without removing the watering caps

Water level eye

  • Eliminates need to remove watering cap for checks of water level

Flexible choice of applications

  • Water can be supplied through pressurre-fed or gravity-fed water source
  • Meets your specific needs

Portable CartDouble chambers separate water and gas movements

  • Safe, trouble-free operation
  • Keep mechanical parts clean

Water trap

  • Prevebts gases from entering tubing
  • Increases safety


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