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Legacy Power Systems  

The Legacy Power System™ provides a complete line of products to help you extend battery life, properly maintain your batteries with maximum safety, and assure the greatest return on your investment.

Douglas Maintenance Products

Legacy Power System Acid Absorber contains, neutralizes and absorbs dangerous acid spills, and permits non-hazardous disposal. This fast-acting, dry blend makes it not only safe, but easy to handle dangerous acid spills. One pound of spilled acid is absorbed and neutralized by 1.5 to 2 pounds of Legacy™ Acid Absorber in just three minutes. Neutralized, uncontaminated materials pass all Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) characterizations as a non-hazardous material.

Spill Clean upThe Legacy Power System Emergency Acid Spill Kit includes all the necessary chemicals and equipment you need to contain and control acid spills, and to minimize hazardous material disposal costs. This vital kit, packaged in a 30-gallon resealable poly drum, includes a vinyl apron, face shield, chemical goggles, two pairs of chemical-resistant boots. A 48-pound bucket of Acid Absorber is also provided, as well as a chemical-resistant broom and shovel.

The Legacy Power System also provides the support you need for a preventive maintenance program because, even when a battery is charged accurately, some acid misting occurs.

An application of Ultra Battery Cleaner every two weeks will keep the battery running at peak performance; protects the operator from acid burns and electrical shocks; and compiles with EPA guidelines. Legacy Ultra Battery Cleaner features a color change to indicate the acids neutralizing process is complete. This makes it easy and safe to neutralize and degrease the battery.

Acid Absorber

Dry blend

  • Simple to use
  • Fast acting
  • Contains, neutralizes and absorbs acid spills
  • Long shelf life
  • Helps suffocate Class A fires

Neutralizing material

  • No hazardous ingredient
  • Complies with RCRA regulations
  • Ease of disposal

Battery CleaningUltra Battery Cleaner

Improves battery performance

  • Neutralizes acid and degreases battery
  • Reduces battery ground shorts
  • Dissolves corrosion

Employee safety

  • Eliminates acid burns
  • Prevents shocks

Environmentally safe

  • Contains no hazardous materials
  • Contains no butyls
  • Non-aerosol

Easy to use

  • Color change indicates neutralization process is complete

Emergency Acid Spill Kit

One of the most complete emergency kits in the industry

  • Vinyl apron, face shield, chemical goggles and boots
  • Two pairs of chemical-resistant gloves
  • 48-pound bucket of Legacy Power System Acid Absorber
  • Chemical-resistant broom and shovel

Fast, easy access in case of emergency

  • Packaged in 30-gallon, reusable poly drum

Meets OSHA battery and charging room regulations

  • All necessary chemicals and equipment to contain and control acid spills


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