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The Most Reliable and Accurate Way to Fill Your Batteries

Single-point Watering SystemsWhy Use Single Point Watering Systems?

Is $2,500 return on a $250 investment over 60 months a great deal?

We thought your answer would be YES!

Here's why single point watering systems result in tremendous saving

Single point watering systems will save you money by eliminating costly, time-consuming labor involved in watering you industrial batteries.

Single point watering systems are much safer than conventional watering methods. There is far less risk to employees watering batteries.

Single point watering systems ensure that each cell battery receives the proper amount of water, adding years to the life of your batteries.

BFS Offers the World's Number One System
Feature-Rich and User-Friendly

Indicator Eye
Hydrometer Check Point

  • The patented double chamber keeps water and gas movements separate creating a "hydrogen block."
  • The BFS hydrogen block feature does not allow potentially dangerous hydrogen gasses to escape back into the tubing of the system. Other systems can't stop this from happening.
  • Exiting gasses are forced through a "drying chamber." This action allows the escaping gasses to leave behind a major portion of the electrolyte that is normally lost during recharge. The result is less frequent watering intervals.


  • Patented lever arm will shut off the water flow maintaining and exact electrolyte level each time the battery is watered.
  • Our patented double chamber keeps dangerous hydrogen gas and water movements separate.
  • The float system allows electrolyte levels to be set for any battery type.
  • The electrolyte level indicator, built right into the plug, lets you know that the battery is filled properly.
  • A hydrometer check point built into the plug allows specific gravity checks without removing the plug. 
  • Routine maintenance can be performed without removing the plug.
  • The BFS plug will operate at low or high water pressure. Nobody else can make that claim!
  • No injectors to clog. No possibility of over-watering!


Patented Technology Makes BFS
the Safest System in the World!

Gas Escape Diagram

BFS Introduces Revolutionary Design

Flip Top Vent CapFlip Top Vent Cap
BFS offers a flip top plug to manually fill motive power and standby cells. The flip top plug with built-in condenser brush, patented by BFS, will return a major portion of the entrained water to the cell, resulting in less frequent watering intervals.
Quarter-Turn Bayonet Plug
The quarter-turn bayonet plug is special due to its adjustability. The quarter-turn bayonet plug has the same patented adapter as the BFS watering plug. This allows the plug to be positioned in any direction on the battery.
Flip Top Push-in Plug with Indicator Basket
The manual flip top push-in plug is delivered from the factory with an indicator basket. The basket gives the user a better visual indication of the electrolyte level inside the cell.

One Call Does It All!

Delivery Systems

  • Mobile 15 and 25 gallon DC powered delivery carts
  • 5 gallon gravity fill system
  • Direct fill links
  • Direct fill delivery gun
  • Auto charger control

Parts and Accessories

  • Hydrometers
  • Compatible connectors for all system types
  • Installation tools and accessories

BFS single point watering systems are compatible with all other delivery systems because we do not require a specific water pressure to close our valve. A simple direct fill link with a quick connector from BFSA is all you need to integrate the system.

Accept No Substitutes!


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